Leadership Race

Leadership Race Information

The race is on to be the new leader of the Alberta Party! Membership sales began December 8th, and will close at noon on February 12, 2018. The vote will take place between February 25-27th, using a preferential online ballot.  


To learn more about the candidates, see our Leadership Candidates page.

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Leadership Election Committee (LEC)


  • Pat Cochrane
  • Susan Elliott


  • Rob Dunseith – Chief Returning Officer
  • Jackie Clayton – Candidate Liaison
  • Jeremy Strautman – Manager, Budget and Finance
  • James Teterenko – Manager, IT
  • Stephanie Shostak – Manager, Membership Integrity and Validation
  • Robbie Kreger-Smith – Manager, Communications
  • David Benson – Manager, Marketing
  • Cynthia Williams – Manager, Events and Announcement